If “Pho” and noodle soup with beef are famous in Northern Vietnam, Hu Tieu is considered as a typical dish representing the regional cuisine for the southern provinces of the country. Not only you were attracted by the hot bowl of Hu Tieu with sweet and fragrant broth but also ‘Hu Tieu Kho’ (Dried Hu Tieu) is your right choice in hot summer days with the sweet and sour sauce.

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Compared to Hu Tieu served with the broth, the absence of this particular soup will make the way of enjoying the dish more special. We can easily recognize that not many people choose Hu Tieu Kho when entering a noodle shop. However, the Hu Tieu fans who are accustomed to this dish sometimes should choose a strange Hu Tieu Kho to experience its exciting tastes. Like the broth used for the ordinary Hu Tieu, the sauce of Hu Tieu Kho is the highlight of this dish. How to make a delicious bowl depends very much on the taste as well as the sophistication of the chef.

In one Hu Tieu Kho set, the sauce is the special thing that makes the difference and the attractiveness. Therefore, to make a perfect Hu Tieu Kho dish, make sure you know how to make a delicious and special sauce. And below will be the best way to make the sauce of Hu Tieu Kho as well as Hu Tieu if you want to go to the kitchen on a beautiful day.

Ingredients for Hu Tieu Kho Recipe (for 6-7 people):

– 500 g pig bone

– A peeled and sliced white radish, a pinch of dried shrimp

– 300 g peeled raw shrimp with removed  black thread on their backs

– 300 g pork tenderloin (if you can eat fat, change to the bacon)

– 200 g minced lean meat

– 10-12 peeled boiled quail eggs

– 1  peeled chopped garlic

– Soy sauce, black soy sauce (the kind used to eat with ‘Pho’), sugar, salt, cooking oil, scallions, pepper, and fried shallot.

– Accompanying vegetables: curry lettuce, herbs, chives, bean sprouts, cabbage

– Dried or raw Hu Tieu fibers, chili sauce, roasted peanuts (not required)

How to make mixed Hu Tieu Kho Recipe

– Boil quail eggs and peel off. Peel the shrimp, remove black thread on their backs, then rinse thoroughly.

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– Next, peel white radish, wash, and cut into slices

– Clean dried shrimp.

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– Wash pig bones. Next, put dried shrimp, white radish into the pot, add cold water and a small spoon of salt before boiling the broth. Be sure to skim off all the bone foam that emerges when the water boils. Then, the broth is clear.

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– Put pork tenderloin into a pot of boiled broth. After it is well-cooked, take out to cool down and then slice into thin medium-sized pieces.

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– Heat a little cooking oil in a pan, fry the garlic. Then, stir-fry the shrimps until they turn pink. Pour the well-done shrimps into a separate bowl. When cooking shrimp, do not add cold water and stir-fry quickly so that the shrimps remain crunchy and sweet.

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– Pour minced lean meat into a large bowl, marinate a little pepper, 1 tsp of salt, 1/2 tsp of sugar and fried shallot. Then, mix and leave the marinated mixture for about 15 minutes.

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– Heat a little cooking oil in a pan and fry garlic, onion. Next, add meat to stir-fry and pour all into a separate bowl after cooking.

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– Continue to heat a little cooking oil and fry garlic until brown and fragrant.

– Put the garlic to the bowl, mix with 1 tbsp of soy sauce, 2 tsp of sugar, 1 tbsp of black soy sauce, 1 tbsp of filtered water to dissolve the sugar. Next, do seasoning depending on your taste. You should make them slightly salty to mix with Hu Tieu.

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– Wash and cut scallions and shallots. Clean herbs and cabbage, then slice thinly. Wash curly lettuce and bean sprouts then drain out.

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– Scald raw Hu Tieu in boiling water, then place into a bowl. If you use dried Hu Tieu, boil water to cook it. Then, pour into the basket, rinse the cold water and sprinkle some oil to prevent sticking.

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– After stewing the broth of pork bones, you do seasoning again depending on your taste. When using, scoop the broth into a small bowl and sprinkle some scallions on the top.

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– Pick up a little Hu Tieu and place into a big bowl. Next, add some shrimps, fried minced lean meat, a few slices of lean tenderloin, a few quail eggs, roasted peanuts. Then, sprinkle chili sauce and garlic sauce prepared into the bowl. Mix well and serve with a bowl of broth and accompanying vegetables.

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