Egg coffee is a creative and unique drink of Hanoian. It is not only known as one of the most should-be-tried drinks when coming to Hanoi, but also became famous all over the world since after enjoying, foreign tourists whispered each other about a type of coffee processed specially with the sophisticated combination of greasy egg and the aroma flavor of coffee. It brings interesting experiences for people who first try it.

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There are a lot of world’s leading online newspapers such as CNN, Buzzfeed,… spending the articles on the front page to introduce to the readers the coffee standing on the top in the list of 17 types of coffee that should be tried when travelling around the world.

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It will be a big shortcoming if you come to Hanoi without enjoying a cup of egg coffee. You can visit Giang café in Hanoi, where the recipe of original egg coffee was born. This is also one of the most interesting destinations when you want a quite space to enjoy a cup of egg coffee and find out about its origin

1. What is egg coffee?

Egg coffee is an original Vietnamese drink in Hanoi from 1950s and becomes more popular afterwards. The person who invented it is Mr Nguyen Van Giang. He used to be a bartender of a five-star hotel at Sofitel Legend Metrople in the French colonial period and changed the familiar Cappuccino in the West into egg coffee with close ingredients and unique flavor.

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Egg coffee is made of simple ingredients which are fresh egg, sugar, milk and coffee. With egg yolk beaten by hands and the skill of the bartender, it becomes one kind of coffee with a nice foam and a delicious taste that is really hard to resist.

Egg coffee can be drink hot or cold depending on the favor of each person, but if you want to enjoy truly the flavor of Hanoi egg coffee, you should try hot coffee.

Making egg coffee is not complicated, but it requires the sophistication and skills to assure that coffee is not stinking. Maybe that is the reason why the number of shops that makes it successfully is just numbered on one hand.

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2. Effects of egg coffee

Egg coffee was born when fresh milk was still scarce and expensive, while Cappuccino imported in our country was loved by many people. Starting from how to make a similar drink with available and cheaper ingredients, Mr Nguyen Van Giang decided to use egg yolks instead of milk, and egg coffee was born thenceforth.

Because of the ingredients and the way that Mr Giang learn from famous foreign Cappuccino, egg coffee is really suitable with who cannot bear the bitter taste of filter coffee but still want to enjoy and sipping the tasty flavor of coffee. The sweetness and greasy flavor of egg milk and egg defeat the hardest flavor of coffee and keep the tasty and attractive flavor.

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With the effects of egg coffee, there is no reason that makes us not enjoy it, right?

Making a cup of coffee is artful but not impossible. To create a tasty cup of egg coffee, you need to be careful. If you are careless just a little bit, the stink of egg will be offensive for people who drink it. However, if you try to learn, you can definitely make this wonderful drink.

3. How to make egg coffee without being stinking

People who have never try egg coffee will wonder if egg coffee is stinking or how to make egg coffee without being stinking? The reason why egg coffee can conquer all of the senses, from sight to smell and taste is that it has the distinct recipe. Let’s find out the Vietnamese egg coffee recipe right below!

3.1 Ingredients for making egg coffee recipe


Making the mixture of egg cream:

  • Egg yolks: 2
  • Condensed milk: 20ml
  • Sugar: 20 g
  • Rum: 10ml or can be insteaded by a teaspoon of vanilla

Making coffee:

  • Filter coffee: 125ml
  • Condensed milk: 20ml

3.2 Tools for making egg coffee recipe


  • Coffee Dripper Filter Coffee
  • Jigger
  • Whisk or egg beater
  • Glass, cup, spoon

3.3 Instruction for making Vietnamese egg coffee recipe:

Step 1: Making filter coffee


First, boil the filter, then put 20g coffee in it and press the lid. Pour slowly 15 ml boiling water roundly around the filter to make coffee absorb water, wait about 2 or 3 minutes until coffee dilate, then continue to pour boiling water to 3/4 the filter and cover it.

Step 2: Making the mixture of egg cream



First, take egg yolks and put into a large bowl, add condensed milk, sugar and wine and use whisk to beat until yolk becomes cream and smooth. If you use egg beater, it will only take 2-3 minutes.

Step 3: Making egg coffee

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After making filter coffee, add 30ml condensed milk and stir gently until the mixture is steady. Make sure that you stir gently to keep the warmth of coffee and its taste. After that, pour egg cream slowly on the surface, because cream is slighter than coffee, it will float up, pour with the ratio 1:1 of egg cream and coffee to gain the tastiest flavor. Finally, decorate it with a little cocoa powder.

This is the most important step in making egg coffee, so please be careful.

Heed that egg coffee only when being drunk hot can keep the truly tasty flavor of Hanoi egg coffee; therefore, if your coffee is cool, you should put it into the microwave to heat it. Especially, only pour egg cream on coffee to make egg coffee when you can drink immediately, if you finish it but you cannot drink instantly, you can preserve it in the cool compartment of the fridge.

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Or if you want to sip it longer, you can put the cup of egg coffee in a hot water bowl. It helps keep the coffee warm and egg not stinking.

4. Way to enjoy Vietnamese egg coffee

The right way to enjoy egg coffee is leaning the cup so that you can drink both coffee and egg. The aroma flavor of coffee and grease of egg cream will definitely attract you.

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Besides, many people also like the way of drinking a little egg coffee above and stir to make coffee and egg cream blend together. This way diminishes the strength of filter coffee, so that it is especially suitable for people who can’t bear the bitter taste of pure coffee like women.

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The cup of egg coffee is small and short, can be put into the palm and only sufficient for one person, make people feel tasty, crave and miss it. Egg coffee appeared a long time ago and does not create a culinary fever like others current dishes. It is just smouldering enough to pervasive, contributes to create a Hanoian culinary culture, cannot be confused; and we can not deny that egg coffee is one thing that entangles people most when leaving Hanoi.

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