Salted egg sponge cake is considered a favorite fast food for many people, especially teenagers. Certainly, few people know that this cake is originated from Vung Tau province.

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Salted egg sponge cake appeared in Vung Tau in the 50s in 20 centuries, it is combined by traditional Vietnamese cuisine and attractive Western cuisine. Due to its special taste and eye-catching appearance, this cake has become more and more common not only in Vung Tau but also in HCMC, Ha Noi City, and other regions.

Today, you can buy this cake in most big cities in Vietnam. However, only when enjoying this cake in Vung Tau, you can find original and delicious taste this cake brings to. It is often said that people who have never eaten this cake have not gone to Vung Tau.

In Vung Tau, people make this cake by following traditional handcraft recipe which does not require any technologies or machines. Therefore, over many years, this cake still remains a special taste and becomes a popular food in this harbor province.

To make a delicious and attractive cake, people need to know a secret recipe. If you want to know this recipe, let’s explore it below which is shared by bakers in Vung Tau.

I. Ingredients for making salted egg sponge cake

  1. Sponge cake (a round mold: 15-18cm diameter)
  • Cream of tartar: 1/2 tsp
  • Wheat flour: 30 gr
  • White sugar: 60 gr
  • Cooking oil: 20 gr
  • Cornstarch: 30 gr
  • Non-sugar fresh milk: 10 gr
  • Salt: 5 gr
  • Chicken eggs: 3 eggs
  1. Cheese sauce and salted egg
  • Salted duck eggs: 8 eggs
  • Dried shredded pork: 200gr
  • Fresh milk: 120 gr
  • White sugar: 40 gr
  • Cheese: 8 pieces
  • White wine: 2 teaspoons
  • Fat cream: 50 gr

Steps for making salted egg sponge cake

Step 1:

Divide yolks and egg whites into 2 bowls.

Banh-bong-lan-trung-muoi-Vietnamese-Salted-egg-sponge-cake-Recipe 2

Step 2:

Put egg whites into a bowl. Use egg beater at low speed until large bubbles appear, add salt and cream of tartar. Continue to beat until bubbles become smaller, mixture is smooth and same like soap bubbles, add sugar.

At the same time, add sugar slowly and beat egg whites at high speed. Continue until mixture becomes solid and smoother, slow the beater down.

Eggs need beating until it becomes a smooth paste, not too hard. When you lift the stick, it should have a cone shape of egg paste.

Banh-bong-lan-trung-muoi-Vietnamese-Salted-egg-sponge-cake-Recipe 3

Note: to make sponge cake delicious, egg whites should be kept in medium room’s temperature which does not contain impurities such as butter, cooking oil, yolks. – A bowl and stick should be cleaned and dry, no butter, cooking oil and yolks…

Step 3:

Turn on beater at low speed. Put each yolk, beat well (this step may take 5 to 10 seconds). After all, you can see a smooth paste with yellowish color.

Banh-bong-lan-trung-muoi-Vietnamese-Salted-egg-sponge-cake-Recipe 4

Step 4:

Turn on the beater at the lowest speed, mix gently to mix cooking oil and fresh milk together, pour it slowly into a bowl. Mix well.

Banh-bong-lan-trung-muoi-Vietnamese-Salted-egg-sponge-cake-Recipe 5

Step 5:

Divide flour into 2-3 parts. Sift each part into a bowl. Mix them (it takes 10-15 seconds to beat each part). You should sift carefully so that flour spread even on the surface of bowls, which helps you beat faster.

Banh-bong-lan-trung-muoi-Vietnamese-Salted-egg-sponge-cake-Recipe 6

Note: you should not beat too long, because it makes bubbles burst, and sponge cakes would be hard and difficult to bloom.

Step 6:

Banh-bong-lan-trung-muoi-Vietnamese-Salted-egg-sponge-cake-Recipe 7

Line a piece of parchment paper or white paper at the bottom of the pan to make cakes. Pour the flour into the mold.

Tap the mold on the table a few times to make the foam burst. Bring to grill at 175 degrees C or 165 degrees C, two rounds for 25-35 minutes. Cooked cake is that when you gently press on the cake, you see the dent immediately inflates again.

Step 7:

Banh-bong-lan-trung-muoi-Vietnamese-Salted-egg-sponge-cake-Recipe 8

Take sponge cakes out, cool it down.

Step 8:

Process salted egg without fishy taste.

Wash yolks into cold water and wine to reduce its smell. Put a piece of paper on the tray, arrange yolks, spread a layer of cooking oil on the surface of yolks.

Turn on oven at 165 degrees Celsius, put the tray of yolks into the oven. Roast for 5 minutes, and take it out. Cool yolks down, cut each yolk into 2 pieces.

Banh-bong-lan-trung-muoi-Vietnamese-Salted-egg-sponge-cake-Recipe 9

Step 9:

Make cheese sauce to decorate cakes: blend 8 pieces of cheese, mix with 120gr fresh milk and 50gr fat cream and 50gr sugar.

Banh-bong-lan-trung-muoi-Vietnamese-Salted-egg-sponge-cake-Recipe 10

Step 10:

Add 20gr corn starch, mix well. Sift the starch to make it smooth. Cook over a low heat until it becomes a smooth and perfect paste, then mix faster to make this sauce smoother. Cool it down and spread on sponge cakes.

Banh-bong-lan-trung-muoi-Vietnamese-Salted-egg-sponge-cake-Recipe 11

Step 11:

Spread cheese sauce on sponge cake, arrange salted eggs evenly, spread salted shredded pork. Cut this cake into small pieces to enjoy.

Banh-bong-lan-trung-muoi-Vietnamese-Salted-egg-sponge-cake-Recipe 12

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