Fried banana cake (Banh chuoi chien) is a great, simple snack. Anyone can make it with just some ripe bananas, rice flour, wheat flour and cooking oil. But how to make fried banana cake perfectly crispy and enticing needs a lot of expertise. Let’s together find out the recipe to make this delicious crispy banana cake right below.


Ingredients for making banh chuoi chien recipe:

  • 5 ripe bananas ( You should use West banana or ( bot) large banana to make the cake sweet and not acrid)
  • 100g of rice flour
  • 50g of wheat flour
  • 1tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • A half of small bowl of green bean sticky (optional)


Instructions for making banh chuoi chien recipe

Step 1: First, you put rice flour, wheat flour and sugar into a bowl then slowly pour water to the bowl. While pouring water, you have to evenly stir  the mixture to avoid getting curdled and raw. Keep doing it till the mixture becomes a bit consistent and have consistency. Then rest for 30 minutes for  fermentation.


Step 2: While waiting, you peel the bananas and halve lengthwise them. After that you over them with nylon and use rolling pin to flatten them a little bit. Notes: Don’t flatten the bananas too much, you should only press them a little bit because if you do, the bananas are too crushed for baking.

Step 3: You mix well green bean sticky and the mixture of fermented flour. The bean sticky will make the dish viscous, fragrant, smelly of green bean. Then you dip the bananas to the bowl of mixture.


Step 4: After you finish step 3, put on the pan and turn on the gas stove. Use boiling cooking oil to fry the bananas.

Notes: You should not fry with litter oil because you will burn your bananas and make the cake crust not crispy and bad colored. You can use a wok to save oil and easier when fry than normal pan


When frying, use frying shovel to take both the banana and the flour part. Fry both sides until the flour outside is cooked.

Step 5: Pick up the bananas out of the pan then continuously dip them to the flour mixture and fry again.


This way will make the flour cover all the bananas and make the cake crispy and mushy. You fry until the cakes are well golden then pick them out to a dish with oil absorbing cooking paper to make them more crispy and not get sick of oil when eating. Wait for cool and enjoy your work. Fried banana cake taste best when it is warm because through time, the cake will lose the crispness.


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