For a long time, Banh goi (Vietnamese Crispy Dumplings) has been becoming a familiar dish with Hanoian, It’s also one of the most favorite specialities that tourists have to try when traveling to Viet Nam.

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According to someone, Banh goi is “modified” from Chinese fried Dumplings; however Banh goi has the distinct flavor that you can only find in Vietnam cuisine. The crispy crust covers the filling including wood ear mushroom, carrot, the umami of minced meat blended with the strange taste of glass noodle…All of them make up an unforgettable of  Banh goi. One of the essential things making the successfulness of Banh goi is dipping sauce. Making dipping sauce also needs good skills to make it tasty, and not feel greasy. When eating Banh goi is cut into bite-sized pieces and served with the spicy and sweet dipping sauce of chili and garlic as well as raw vegetables.

You can find Banh goi anywhere in Ha Noi, from the street-food stall to the crowded market…However, to enjoy the most delicious Banh goi, you can find this cake at some famous places in Ha Noi such as Hang Chieu, Ly Quoc Su, Han Thuyen, Nghia Tan, Hoe Nhai…

Ingredients for making Banh goi recipe:

Ingredients for making crust:

  • Wheat flour: 500gr
  • Baking-powder: ½ tsp
  • 2 chicken eggs
  • Fresh milk: 220ml
  • Cheese: 50 gr (or 50 ml cooking oil)
  • Salt: ½ tsp

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The ingredient for making filling:

  • Wood ear mushroom
  • Glass noodle
  • Kohlrabi (or jicama): ½ bulb
  • Minced pork: 200 gr
  • Onion: ½ knob
  • Quail eggs or chicken eggs
  • Seasoning, pepper, shallots

Instruction for making Banh goi recipe:

Step 1:

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Grate kohlrabi (or jicama) into small fiber (if choosing jimaca, remember to squeeze it lightly to remove the water from jicama).

Banh-goi-Recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Crispy-Dumplings 4

Boil quail eggs or chicken eggs then peel the eggshell. Cut the quail eggs in half or take an entire egg (with chicken egg you can cut into quarters)

Soak wood ear mushroom in warm water for 10 minutes to enlarge the mushroom then drain and slice into small fiber.

Soak glass noodles then cut into small pieces. Peel the onion then dice it.

Step 2:

Banh-goi-Recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Crispy-Dumplings 5

Frying shallots then add 200 gr mince pork into the pan to sitr – fry with 1 tbsp of seasoning powder , then add some shallots to stir-fry together. Take notice, just stir-fry minced pork and shallot together, keep other ingredients away from them to keep the sweetness.

After that, mix meat with other ingredients : word ear mushroom, glass noodles, kohlrabi or jicama, add 1 tsp of seasoning powder, ½ tsp of peppercorn then stir well.

Making the crust

Step 3:

Banh-goi-Recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Crispy-Dumplings 6

Take the dough rest for 30 minutes then shaping the cake. Using a rolling pin to roll the dough into thin layers (If you do not have rolling pin you can use a bottle instead of).

Sprinkle a little dry wheat flour on the surface of dough to avoid being sticky (Remember when kneading the dough, leave some dry wheat flour). Take a bowl to press on thin layers of dough to make the circle shape.

Step 4:

Banh-goi-Recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Crispy-Dumplings 7

Repeat step 3 until running out of the dough. After each time of making the crust, remember to sprinkle a little dry wheat flour, not sprinkle too much because it can make the cake dried

Making cake

Step 5:

Beating a chicken egg, just take the egg yolk into a bowl then whisk it well.

Prepare a brush to grease the whipped egg yolk.

Arrange the crust, grease 1 thin layer of egg yolk around the border of the crust.

Banh-goi-Recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Crispy-Dumplings 8

Add the filling into the middle of the crust, place 1 piece of quail egg on the filling, gradually fold the border to make the shape of a pillow.

Banh-goi-Recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Crispy-Dumplings 9

Banh-goi-Recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Crispy-Dumplings 10

Remember to add enough filling, do not add to much to avoid spreading the filling out when frying.

Step 6:

Banh-goi-Recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Crispy-Dumplings 11

Pouring cooking oil to a small pan or a wok to save cooking oil and the cooking oil can cover all the cake when frying.

Turn on the stove then add the cake to fry on the medium heat.

You should fry the cake in 2 times, the 1st time fry gently, the 2nd time fry until the crust getting golden color. This way can make both of the crust and the filling well done and getting visually appealing.

Banh-goi-Recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Crispy-Dumplings 12

When serving banh goi you can eat along with pickled vegetables, raw vegetables, sweet and sour dipping sauce.

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