It is well-known as “Vietnam Pizza”, Grilled rice paper (Banh Trang Nuong) is sought by Hanoi teenagers. With special taste, Grilled rice paper deserves as a great choice for you.

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Grilled rice paper is a dish originating from Da Lat. However, now in Hanoi, you can also enjoy a delicious Grilled rice paper without going too far. A Grilled rice paper usually has a round shape and spread with a variety of fillings. At first, the filling of the Grilled rice paper was simply fat onions but now, they have modified it with many kinds of fillings on the surface such as quail eggs, cheese, sausages, dried beef, pork, shredded chicken … depending on the taste of each person.

When choosing rice paper, you should choose a rice paper that is neither too thick nor too thin for grilling easily. About egg, you can choose chicken egg or quail egg, both of them are yummy.

In Dalat, you can easily enjoy a Grilled rice paper at very cheap price. However you can easily make it at home with simple recipe right below!

Ingredients for Banh trang nuong recipe:

  • Rice paper
  • Dried small shrimp
  • Satay paste
  • Quail eggs or chicken eggs
  • Green onion
  • Cooked minced meat (Option)
  • Cheese ( if you like greasy taste)

Steps for making banh trang nuong recipe:

Step 1:

Washing green onion and chopping.

With rice paper, you can take the type of thin rice paper to make spring rolls or fried spring rolls.

Banh-trang-nuong-recipe–Vietnamese-grilled-rice-paper 2Banh-trang-nuong-recipe–Vietnamese-grilled-rice-paper 3
Step 2:

You should choose shrimp marinated with spices when grilling, it will get the tasty flavor.

Banh-trang-nuong-recipe–Vietnamese-grilled-rice-paper 4

Step 3:

Place rice paper on the charcoal grill, adding a little satay paste, green onion, whisked egg, dried shrimp.

If you like minced meat, you can stir-fry the meat first and sprinkle some meat on the surface of the rice paper.

Banh-trang-nuong-recipe–Vietnamese-grilled-rice-paper 5

Step 4:

While grilling  you can use a spoon to spread the ingredients on the surface of the rice paper.
Banh-trang-nuong-recipe–Vietnamese-grilled-rice-paper 6Step 5:

Continue grilling until the eggs start to be cooked, rotate the rice paper frequently to make it cooked evenly, you can sprinkle little green onions or dried shrimps, it depends on your favorite.
Banh-trang-nuong-recipe–Vietnamese-grilled-rice-paper 7

 Step 6:

If you prefer eating with fatty taste, you can spread a piece of cheese, then add dried shrimps, green onions, satay paste and chili sauce, spread the eggs evenly and grill the rice paper until it is cooked.
Banh-trang-nuong-recipe–Vietnamese-grilled-rice-paper 8
Step 7: The rice paper is cooked and crispy evenly, you can fold it in half, or leave it in full. Place it on the plate and using scissors to cut it into slices. You should enjoy it when it is hot.

Banh-trang-nuong-recipe–Vietnamese-grilled-rice-paper 10

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