Vietnam cuisine has many delicious dishes. For example, Bun and Pho are symbols of Vietnamese cuisine made from simple and common ingredients. However, it is really as tasty as other dishes in the world. One of the delicious dishes make fame for Vietnam cuisine is Bun Cha Gio (Vietnamese vermicelli noodles with fried spring rolls).

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When mentioning about this food, eaters would immediately think of a Southern dish. But in fact, this is another name of the Northern spring rolls, “Nem Ran” is called by foreign visitors “spring roll”. If you think that spring rolls in the South and fried spring rolls in the North are only different in the way you are called them, you are probably wrong. The same dish, but in different lands, so there are differences in the way of cooking, presenting and enjoying. This makes Vietnamese cuisine more varied and colorful.

Bun Cha Gio is one of the fascinating versions made from vermicelli noodles. Vermicelli noodles are often small, soft, slightly opaque white and sour natural taste. The dipping sauce is changed due to each region’s taste, when in the North, the sauce is sourer and less sweet than it in the South. In particular, in the South, people often add coconut water to the sauce.

Bun cha gio recipe is easy and simple, you can make a home-made noodle soup dish based on the following recipe:

Ingredients for making Bun cha gio recipe:

– 1kg rice vermicelli noodles

– 800g pork shoulder

– 1 carrot, 1 potato, 1 sweet potato, 3 taro roots

– 1/4 small corner of jicama, half onion, 3-4 napa cabbage leaves

– 2 small glass noodles, soak in water, drain, cut small pieces.

– 2 chicken eggs

– 1 egg yolk

– Scallions, coriander, salt, fish sauce, seasoning, pepper

– Cucumber, lettuce

– Sweet and sour fish sauce, roasted peanuts

– Rice paper.

Steps for making Bun Cha Gio Recipe:

Step 1:

Bun-Cha-Gio-Recipe–Vietnamese-vermicelli-noodles-with-fried-spring-rolls 3

Peel carrot, potato, sweet potato, taro roots, onions, jicama off, wash and drain them.

Step 2:

Bun-Cha-Gio-Recipe–Vietnamese-vermicelli-noodles-with-fried-spring-rolls 4

Wash napa cabbage, coriander, green onions and slice them.

Step 3:

Bun-Cha-Gio-Recipe–Vietnamese-vermicelli-noodles-with-fried-spring-rolls 5

Use grater to make vegetables small slices. Mix napa cabbage, coriander, green onions, squeeze them.

Step 4:

Bun-Cha-Gio-Recipe–Vietnamese-vermicelli-noodles-with-fried-spring-rolls 6

Wear clean nylon gloves, add meat into a bowl of vegetables, chopped glass noodles, pepper, chicken eggs, a small spoon of seasoning, two tablespoons of fish sauce, a small spoon of salt and mix well.

Step 5:

Bun-Cha-Gio-Recipe–Vietnamese-vermicelli-noodles-with-fried-spring-rolls 7

You can taste the mixture by putting a little meat into the microwave, you can add salt if it is not tasty enough. Because of salty rice papers, so mixed vegetables don’t need to be salty.

Spread a rice paper on a clean cutting board, fold its angle into a triangle.

Step 6:

Bun-Cha-Gio-Recipe–Vietnamese-vermicelli-noodles-with-fried-spring-rolls 8

Use a spoon to scoop some of the meat mixture in step 4 and put it on the triangle.

Step 7:

Bun-Cha-Gio-Recipe–Vietnamese-vermicelli-noodles-with-fried-spring-rolls 9

Fold the two corners together and curl up, spread some egg yolks at the corners. And continue to make others.

Step 8:

Bun-Cha-Gio-Recipe–Vietnamese-vermicelli-noodles-with-fried-spring-rolls 10

Heat the pan, add cooking oil, when cooking oil is boiled, add spring rolls, flip both sides to make the rolls evenly cooked. You need to cook over medium heat so that spring rolls are evenly cooked.

Spring rolls become golden, you pick up them and put on oil absorbing cooking paper.

Step 9:


Blanch rice vermicelli noodles slightly, pour it into a basket and wash it through cool water.

Wash lettuce, drain it. Wash cucumbers, slice them.

Step 10:

When serving, you add a handful of vermicelli noodles into a bowl then add lettuce, cucumber, spring rools. Souse the sweet-sour fish sauce and sprinkle roasted peanuts and mix well.

Bun-Cha-Gio-Recipe–Vietnamese-vermicelli-noodles-with-fried-spring-rolls 2

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