Snakehead fish porridge is a delicious dish and special cuisine of the Western in Vietnam which is popular with most people and eaters. Snakehead fish porridge is not difficult to cook but if you are not careful, it will be easy to be fishy and lose the sweetness of the fish. Let’s discover the delicious snakehead fish porridge recipe that is not fishy, right now.


Preparing ingredients for Chao ca recipe:

  • Snakehead fish: 1 fish (about 1kg)
  • Rice: 1 bowl
  • Shiitake mushroom: 5-7 mushrooms
  • Lettuce: 2
  • Red shallots, green onion, ginger, salt

How to cook snakehead fish porridge?

Step 1:

Chao-Ca-Recipe–Vietnamese-Sneakhead-fish-Porridge 1

Cleaning fish’s scales, boning the fish and slicing, then putting into a bowl. Marinating the fish with 1 tablespoon of salt, minced ginger and a little bit of cooking oil or sesame oil.

Step 2:

Chao-Ca-Recipe–Vietnamese-Sneakhead-fish-Porridge 2

Cutting snakehead fish bone and putting it into a pan to fry and adding boiling water to make broth for cooking porridge

Step 3:

Chao-Ca-Recipe–Vietnamese-Sneakhead-fish-Porridge 3

Soaking shiitake mushroom into salty water, then washing and slicing.

Step 4:

Chao-Ca-Recipe–Vietnamese-Sneakhead-fish-Porridge 4

Rinse rice and put into a pot then pour the broth made from the fish bone to simmer until it becomes porridge.

When the porridge is well-cooked, adding the mushroom and a little salt. When you prepare for eating, you can add the fish to keep the toughness.

Step 5:

Chao-Ca-Recipe–Vietnamese-Sneakhead-fish-Porridge 5

Washing the lettuce and draining. When eating, you can chop it or cut into two or three and put into a bowl before scooping out the porridge.

Next, Peel the red shallots, chop and fry until getting golden brown and fragrant. Cleaning the green onion and chopping.

Step 6:

Fish porridge is served when it is hot is more delicious and not fishy. When eating, Scoop porridge into a bowl; add some fish on the top; sprinkle ground pepper, green onion, laksa leaves, dill and fried red shallots then enjoying.

Chao-Ca-Recipe–Vietnamese-Sneakhead-fish-Porridge 6

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