Vietnamese cuisine is various, and there are numerous kinds of sweet soup such as Hue sweet soup, grapefruit sweet soup, mung beans sweet soup, red beans sweet soup, corn sweet soup and banana sweet soup. However, the tastiest and simplest dish is the combination of white beans sweet soup and coconut milk.

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The combination of white beans sweet soup and coconut milk is considered as one of the specialties in the South of Vietnam. Furthermore, white beans sweet soup is a special food in the baby’s 1st birthday party or full moon celebration.

Cooking white beans sweet soup is very simple with common ingredients, you can be comfortable to cook it at any time you like. The combination of white beans’ softness and coconut milk attracts your fussy family members.

Ingredients for making white beans sweet soup

  • White beans 150gr
  • Baking soda 5gr, pandan leaves
  • Coconut milk 200ml
  • Sticky rice 200 gr
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • Rock sugar 100 gr
  • Coconut milk 200 ml

Process for making white beans sweet soup

Step 1:

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Soak white beans in baking soda

The characteristic of white beans is that it has a hard shell and acrid taste. It is quite easy to become tender when cooking, but it becomes cold and hard when adding sugar. The method to fix this situation is soaking white beans in baking soda.

When the beans rise well, they are easy to soften when cooking. Soak 150gr of the beans in 5gr baking soda and 300ml water overnight or for 4-5 hours until they are well-risen.

Step 2:

Che-dau-trang-Recipe-Vietnamese-White-Beans-Sweet-Soup 3

Boil white beans with salt

Put the pot in the cooker and cover the beans with a fingertip-joint height of water. Boil over medium heat for 40 minutes and add ½ tsp of salt to suit your taste.

When cooking, you should skim the bubbles and not boil until the beans become over-cooked, you should cook until it is enough tender, using hand to check it. Then ladle the beans out and wash it again.

Step 3:

Che-dau-trang-Recipe-Vietnamese-White-Beans-Sweet-Soup 4

Cook sticky rice with pandan leaves

Wash 200gr sticky rice. Arrange pandan leaves at the bottom of the pot, they create the fragrance of food. Pour 300 ml water and 200ml coconut milk, boil them and take pandan leaves out.

Add rice and cook over the lowest heat, stir well to avoid sticking. Cook for 30 minutes until the rice is finished and turns milky. When cooking, you should not stir too many times to keep the rice intact.

Step 4:

Che-dau-trang-Recipe-Vietnamese-White-Beans-Sweet-Soup 5

When finishing the rice, you add white beans

When finishing the rice, you add 100gr rock sugar and stir gently to dissolve the sugar. Boil for more 5 minutes until sweet soup becomes a smooth paste and stick together, turn off the cooker.

The standard of white beans sweet soup is that it is tender, buttery and still keeps intact. The rice is soft and clear. Sweet soup is not too thick or watery and has a suitable sweetness, suits your taste.

Step 5:

Che-dau-trang-Recipe-Vietnamese-White-Beans-Sweet-Soup 6

Ladle the soup out, spread coconut milk and enjoy it. This dessert is tastier when it gets cold. Not only is it dessert or supper, but it is also served as food for ancestors on holiday, especially in the baby’s 1st birthday party.


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