In Vietnam, daikon can be used to make a lot of delicious dishes. Pickled daikon in fish sauce is one of them.

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The ingredients to make pickled daikon in fish sauce include daikon, fish sauce, white sugar, chili pepper, garlic, and salt. You can easily find and buy these ingredients at a cheap price. You can even find them right in your garden.

There are several tips and notes when making this dish so that it is delicious and can be stored for a long time. To prevent the pickled daikon in fish sauce from becoming scum, wash and wipe and really dry the container. In addition, the sugar fish sauce must be left to cool before pouring in to soak the daikon.One more good tip you can’t skip, that is, after 1 day of soaking, you can decant the fish sauce, boil it again, then let it cool and then pour it in again. By doing so, the daikon pickled in fish sauce will spoil longer. When taking out daikons to eat, you should use clean and dry tongs. If it gets wet with water, pickled daikons are prone to waterlogging, scum and spoilage.

With the below steps, you can make pickled daikon in fish sauce on your own in a simple way. Give it a try!

I. Ingredients for making Pickled Daikon in Fish Sauce

  • Daikon: 5
  • Fish sauce: 150 Gr
  • White sugar: 150 Gr
  • Chili pepper: 20 Gr
  • Minced garlic: 10 Gr
  • Minced chili: 10 Gr
  • Granulated salt: 20 Gr

II. Instructions for making Pickled Daikon in Fish Sauce

Step 1:

Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 2Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 3

Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 4Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 5

Select daikons that are not too young or too old, choose fresh ones. To make 1 medium-sized jar of pickled daikons for Tet, use about 5 daikons. Wash the daikons and dry, leave the skin intact, then cut off the top and the bottom. Cut the daikon into 10cm long bars. Put the daikon in a bowl, pour in 20g of granulated salt and then squeeze it with your hands until the salt is completely dissolved, soak the daikon for 30 minutes until the daikon is clear, soft, and watery. Wash daikons in cold water 2-3 times to reduce saltiness, then drain.

 Step 2:

Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 6Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 7

Arrange the daikons on a tray and dry them in the sun until they are dry. If you don’t have time or aren’t in a sunny area, you can put the daikons in the oven to dry at 100-120 degrees Celsius for 2 hours to dry.

 Step 3:

Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 8Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 9

Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 10Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 11

Cook fish sauce: put the pot on the stove, add 200ml of water, add 150ml of fish sauce and 150g of sugar, stir until the sugar dissolves and bring to a boil. Then turn off the heat, let the fish sauce cool down, add 10g minced garlic and 10g minced chili and stir well.

 Step 4:

Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 12Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 13

Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 14Cu-Cai-Ngam-Nuoc-Mam-Recipe–Vietnamese-Pickled-Daikon-in-Fish-Sauce 15

Arrange the dried daikons in a clean glass jar, alternating with sliced chili peppers for a more eye-catching color (you can also substitute with dried flowered carrots). Pour fish sauce into the jar, close the lid and soak the daikon for 2-3 days. If you want to use it for a long time, remember to let the daikon in the refrigerator and use a clean pair of chopsticks every time you pick it up!

Step 5:

So with just a few simple steps, you have a jar of crispy pickled daikon with fish sauce, eaten with Banh Chung and Banh Tet on Tet holiday without fear of boredom. The way to make it is not too difficult and the ingredients are also few, so if you want to show off your talent in making Tet dishes for your family, don’t skip this recipe for pickled daikons in fish sauce!

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