Avocado is a tasty, nutritious fruit that is very common in Vietnam. But in term of original flavor, people find avocado taste lame because it tastes bland and it cannot bring appetite for consumers. However, if avocado combines with some sugar and milk, it will create a fascinating difference. The fatty and dense flavor of avocado with the sweetness of sugar and the greasy taste of milk will together make a extremely delicious smoothie.

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It is not only an attractive regular cooling beverage, avocado smoothies also bring many benefits to human health: replenishes nutrients, slows down the aging process, helps the skin look young, smooth … and specially weights loss effect. How to make a smoothie is quite simple, you can do it right at home with the recipe of Vietnamese avocado smoothie right below.

Ingredients to make Vietnamese avocado smoothie:

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  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 50ml of fresh milk
  • 60g of condensed milk
  • Grinded ice

Way to choose a avocado that is not bitter

In order to make a tasty avocado smoothie without being bitter, you should pay attention to these notes below when choosing avocado:
+Choose an old avocado: The stem of the old avocado is shrink while the stem of the young one is big. Do not choose green avocado because the sap in avocado will make the smoothie bitter and not smooth when grinding.
+ There is no need to choose a shiny, smooth fruit. Choose a hand-held avocado with a slightly rough skin and a slightly soft stalk because after buying, the avocado will ripen gradually.
+ You can pick up the avocado and shake it. If the avocado seed is separated from the flesh, the avocado fruit has begun to ripen. However, if the sound of avocado seed is loud, the flesh is thin so that you should not buy such avocados.
+ When buying avocados, you should use them immediately or store them in a cool place or else the avocados will lose its flavor if you put them in fridge for a long time.

Instructions to make Vietnamese avocado smoothie

Step 1: Preparing fresh avocado

First, you cut the avocado in half then use a sharp knife to slash some long lines on the paring of the avocado to peel the paring off and take the pulp to chop.

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Fast way to peel a avocado

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Chop the pulp to make smoothie

You can get the pulp of avocados in a variety of ways, for example: After cutting the avocado in half, you use a knife to press it into the seed and spin it slightly to separate the seed from the pulp of avocado, then scoop out the pulp with the spoon.

Step 2: Grind the avocado smoothie

Add the pulp to the blender together with 50ml of fresh milk, 60g of condensed milk and sufficient amount of grinded ice. Blend it well and pour it into the glass to enjoy.

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Puree butter, milk and ice in a blender

Sinh-to-bo-Recipe-Vietnamese-avocado-smoothie 6You can adjust the amount of milk according to the taste in this step.

That is the way to make Vietnamese avocado smoothie! The tasty avocado smoothie will has light green color or yellow green. You can use straw or spoon to enjoy avocado smoothie.

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