Lap Xuong or Lap suong (Chinese sausage) is originated from China, and it has been moved to Vietnam for a long time. This kind of sausage is very famous in Guangdong and Sichuan in China, and it is also well-known in Soc Trang and Can Giuoc (Long An), and some mountainous areas such as Lang Son or Cao Bang is, too.

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Its shape is the same as normal sausage and sometimes called sausage in Asia, but when you try it, you can discover some differences between them. When people enjoy it, they usually eat it with sticky rice, rice or Vietnamese bread. Besides, this food is used as an ingredient to make other dishes.

Chinese sausage is divided into 2 types, they are dried sausage (it was dried) and fresh sausage (not dried). These types are really tasty, but people prefer dried ones to other ones, because they can be stored for a long time.

Chinese sausage is the favorite food of many Vietnamese people because it provides high nutrients, delicious taste, long-time storage and easy to make. However, many people do not want to make this sausage because it is complicated and time-consuming to process it. If you can follow the following recipe, you can get a deserved result.

Ingredients for making Lap xuong recipe:

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  • 500gr pork belly (you should pick a little fatty meat)
  • 4 cloves of garlic, 1 tablespoon of cornstarch, 1 tablespoon of honeymoon; 1 tsp of pepper, 2 tablespoon of fish sauce, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce, 1 tsp of ginger extract, 1 tablespoon of Mui Kwe Lu wine, ½ tsp of seasoning.
  • Pork intestine

Process for making Lap xuong recipe:

Step 1:

Rub pork intestine with salt and wash it in cold water then warm water with salt and Mui Kwe Lu wine. Wash it again several times to make it totally clear.

Lap-xuong-recipe–How-to-make-Chinese-sausage-with-Vietnamese-style 3

Step 2:

Wash the pork belly, dry it and slice and mince it.

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Place minced pork into a bowl, add the ingredients mentioned above, wear plastic gloves and mix them together.

Lap-xuong-recipe–How-to-make-Chinese-sausage-with-Vietnamese-style 5

Lap-xuong-recipe–How-to-make-Chinese-sausage-with-Vietnamese-style 6

Step 3:

Take a funnel or cut the upper part of a plastic bottle and attach the cork part into the pork intestine, then add meat, use finger to stuff meat into the intestine, stroke until meat into the bottom of intestineLap-xuong-recipe–How-to-make-Chinese-sausage-with-Vietnamese-style 8 Lap-xuong-recipe–How-to-make-Chinese-sausage-with-Vietnamese-style 9

Tighten it into span parts and use a toothpick to skewer some small holes on the surface of the intestine.

Step 4: Put the finish into a tray and dry it under sunshine for 8-10 days with windy weather, you  can get delicious ones (sometimes 3-4 days).

Lap-xuong-recipe–How-to-make-Chinese-sausage-with-Vietnamese-style 10

Lap-xuong-recipe–How-to-make-Chinese-sausage-with-Vietnamese-style 12


– When sausage is done, you could not dry it outside overnight. Remember to choose fresh meat and dry it before mincing it. After drying it for 8-10 days, you put it into plastic bags and store it into fridge, it is good way to store for long time.

–  Mui Kwe Lu wine helps this dish not be spoiled when drying.

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