‘Mien Ga'(Chicken glass noodle soup) is a popular dish for the Northern people in Vietnam. It is not only tasty but also very easy to cook. This dish often appears in banquets or daily breakfast. The attraction of Mien Ga is a rich sweet broth, chewy chicken, and a soft, glass noodle fiber. Both children and adults can eat this dish. You can learn the Mien ga recipe below to prepare a tasty breakfast for your family.

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Ingredients for mien ga recipe:

– 1 chicken of about 1.5 kg

– Mien Dong (1 type of vermicelli made from arrowroot): 250 gr (may be replaced by Mien Khoai Lang made from sweet potato)

– Dried bamboo shoots: 100 gr

– Wood ear mushroom, shiitake mushroom: 40 gr

– Salt, fish sauce, pepper, ginger, scallion, coriander, basil, laksa leaves, lemon, chili.

Instruction for making mien ga recipe
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Boil chicken with boiling water, 1 slice of ginger and 1 tbsp of MSG in 30 minutes.

After chicken cools down, take out and remove bones. Then, put bones back into the broth to stew for another 40 minutes. This way will make the broth sweeter. Pay attention to keep the low heat to keep the water transparent.

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Soak dried bamboo shoots into water 1 day in advance and change the water several times. Before using, boil them 2-3 times.

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After cooling down, chicken should be tore into small fibers which are suitable for eating. Onions, coriander, and basil are also washed and chopped finely.

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Wash shiitake mushroom and wood ear mushroom. Next, soak them in warm water to expand and chop roughly. Then, stir-fry with bamboo shoots, onions, and salt for about 10 minutes to make them absorb spices.

Mien-ga-recipe-How-to-cook-vietnamese-chicken-glass-noodle-soup 6

Pour fried bamboo shoots into the pot of the chicken broth. Do seasoning to suit your taste and add some pepper and chili (if you like spicy foods) .

Simmer with low heat for 20 minutes to get done!


Soak Mien (Glass noodles) in cold water for about 15 minutes before processing. When it is soft enough, cook with bamboo shoots until it is well done. Scoop out to the bowl and place chicken, onion, aromatic herbs on the top. Squeezing lemon and chili sauce, you have a very lovely, simple and nutritious bowl of Mien Ga.

 Notes when choosing ingredients and cooking Mien Ga Recipe

Choose Mien: You can select both black or white to make this dish. Note that the best Mien (Glass noodles) should be chewy, not broken to avoid the crushed meal.

Choose dried bamboo shoots: Pay attention to select the thick bamboo shoots with big sections and not much fiber. Delicious bamboo shoots should be in light or amber brown with lots of grains. In addition, bamboo shoots need to have their natural aroma.

When cooking Mien Ga: You can blanch Mien before preparing broth or drop it directly into a pot of bamboo shoots. However, Mien can be cooked quickly. So, if you choose to drop it into the pot, you should turn off the stove immediately when the broth boils, avoiding mushy noodles.

Especially, laksa leaves are indispensable materials to serve with Mien Ga. In case of preparing a delicious dish with the right taste, you should choose laska leaves carefully. Also, you can add some gizzard, liver, chicken heart in the Mien section to make the dish more attractive.

The cooking way of Mien Ga with the above Mien Ga Recipe takes only 30-40 minutes. This dish is very suitable for breakfast or dinner, in family meals or offering worship. Therefore, do not forget to “pocket” this recipe carefully.


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