Chao long is one of the common Vietnamese street food, You can easily find Chao Long in every corner of VietNam. Chao Long is really easy to eat especially in the winter However Chao Long recipe is not easy to cook. Now let’s discover Chao Long Recipe:


1. Ingredient for Chao Long Recipe:

  • 500 grams pork bones
  • ½ bowl normal rice
  • ¼  bowl  sticky rice
  • 200 grams pork blood cubes
  • Small intestine, stomach, liver, heart, gut, tongue, pork fat
  • Salt, chili pepper, vinegar.
  • Ginger, spring onion, bean sprout, purple basil, herb mint

2. Process of making Chao Long Recipe


Clean pork bone well with vinegar to discard the strong smell. Cut pork bone into pieces then stew with 3 liters in 1 hour to get the pork bone broth. Sometime use spoon to scoop dirty bubbles to make bone broth clear and tasty.


Step 2:

Soak normal rice and sticky rice in 1 hour then take out, drain and grind well. Cook grind rice with bone broth prepared from step 1. While waiting for rice turns to soft as porridge we make the stuffed intestine.

Step 3: Making the stuffed intestine

Stuffed intestine is one of the special dish and Stuffed intestine recipe to make it firm and tasty is not easy


  • First,Clean the inside intestine many times with salt, lemon and vinegar to discard the strong smell.
  • Clean pork fat and mince it well,
  • Thinly chop lime leave, purple basil and spring onion
  • Fry peanuts and bray them
  • Mix all of these ingredients with blood cubes and a little minced lemongrass, garlic.

Stuff all of mixed ingredients into the intestine then tighten two heads by a thread.

Tips: Before boiling the stuffed intestine, to prevent it breaking in the boiling process we use toothpick to enter the surface of intestine to make some tiny holes.


Put stuffed intestine to pot and boil, when it is well cooked, take out and wait until cool then slice into thin pieces. Assemble sliced stuffed intestine in the dish.

Step 4:

Clean pork heart, liver, small intestine with salt and vinegar to reduce the strong smell. Put all of them to boiled water until being cooked (about 30 minutes). You can add more vinegar, salt to the boiled water to make them crunchy and have tasty flavor.

When pork heart, liver, small intestine are well cooked, take them out wait until cool and slice thinly then assemble them with prepared stuffed intestine.


Step 5:

To make chao long recipe correctly with brown color we need blood cubes. The rest blood cubes after using for stuffed intestine we divide into 2 parts.

The first part we put into hot porridge,

The second part we beat with water then put into porridge and stir well.

Add season to fit your taste.


Step 6:

Scoop chao long into bowl, add intestine pieces to the bowl. Chao long will be more tasty when serving till hot with basil, chili, pepper, lemon sauce.


So now you know the chao long recipe. Is it complicated???

I think chao long recipe is really complicated with many ingredients and process but when you enjoy chao long I’m sure that you will feel it as one of the special Vietnamese dishes.

So, I can recommend you some address famous for Chao Long in Ha Noi:


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