Xoi Bap or Xoi Ngo (Sticky rice with Corn and mung beans) is one of the popular breakfast dishes with many Vietnamese people. It is the light meal of most of the students, manual workers, farmers as well as officers in the North, Central and South. You can easily find a street vendor selling Xoi Bap everywhere from street corners, market corner, on the sidewalk or small alleys … in the mornings when going to school or work. Xoi Bap is delicious, nutritious and the price is quite cheap. With around 10 thousand Dong, you can possess a favorable pack of Xoi Bap.

Xoi-bap-Recipe–Sticky-rice-with-Corn-and-Mung-beans 1

Xoi Bap may be served with some additives such as mung beans, pork rinds, fried onions, grated coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds mixed with sugar and salt to bring us a delicious taste that is unique in Vietnam, it is very difficult to find in any other Asian and European countries.

The main ingredients to make Xoi Bap is very easy to find, they are sticky rice and sticky corn, the process to make sticky corn is not too complicated, you can make it at home according to the following recipe.

Ingredients for Xoi Bap Recipe:

Xoi-bap-Recipe–Sticky-rice-with-Corn-and-Mung-beans 2

  • Sticky corn: 500 gr
  • Sticky rice: 150 gr
  • Mung beans: 150 gr
  • Red Shallots: 4 Bulbs
  • Cooking oil: 1 tablespoon
  • Salt, sugar

Steps for making Xoi Bap Recipe:

Step 1:

Soak sticky rice and mung beans in water separately for 4-5 hours until it is soft before cooking. Wash young corn, remove corn silk.

 Xoi-bap-Recipe–Sticky-rice-with-Corn-and-Mung-beans 3 Xoi-bap-Recipe–Sticky-rice-with-Corn-and-Mung-beans 4

Step 2:

Wash mung beans and steam them until it become soft and tender. Take mung beans out a dish, get it cool, then grind it.

Xoi-bap-Recipe–Sticky-rice-with-Corn-and-Mung-beans 5 Xoi-bap-Recipe–Sticky-rice-with-Corn-and-Mung-beans 6

Step 3:

After soaking sticky rice, you wash it and mix with corn, add salt to suit your taste. Steam sticky rice and corn for 20 minutes until it becomes tender, ladle it out a big dish.

Xoi-bap-Recipe–Sticky-rice-with-Corn-and-Mung-beans 7 Xoi-bap-Recipe–Sticky-rice-with-Corn-and-Mung-beans 8

Step 4:

Slice shallots. Heat the pan, add lard or oil (lard will help the onion taste better), add the onions and stir until it has fragrant and yellow onion, add 1/2 teaspoon of fish sauce, stir well then scoop out the plate.

Xoi-bap-Recipe–Sticky-rice-with-Corn-and-Mung-beans 9 Xoi-bap-Recipe–Sticky-rice-with-Corn-and-Mung-beans 10

Step 5:

Place sticky rice in a plate, spread a layer of mung beans then sprinkle fried onions oil on the top. Enjoy when sticky rice is still hot.

 Xoi-bap-Recipe–Sticky-rice-with-Corn-and-Mung-beans 11 Xoi-bap-Recipe–Sticky-rice-with-Corn-and-Mung-beans 12

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