When mentioning the sticky rice dishes, you will immediately think of the dish made from glutinous rice, which is sticky and soft. But there is another type of sticky rice that is different from others: Xôi Vò (sticky rice coated with mung bean). The special thing about this dish is that it still remains soft and fragrant, but it does not stick to each other, and it is porous, smooth, separated from each other.

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This sticky rice often appears in the traditional tray of Vietnamese people. In each region, sticky rice coated with mung bean is used for different purposes. Northern people often use sticky rice coated with mung bean to worship ancestors, or serve for guests at weddings, it is often cooked with lotus seeds to create a gentle and sweet flavor.

And along from the Central to the South, you can enjoy sticky rice coated with mung bean in full moon celebrations. This sticky rice is also liked by people in the South as well as the North. Southern sticky rice has the same taste as the North, and all three regions are different but not too much. This Southern sticky rice is sweeter because the amount of sugar and coconut water is added more than the North, sticky rice has the natural pandan leaves flavor or the Central people have a tendency to add ground pepper to make this dish spicy.

No sticky rice can be more complicated than sticky rice coated with mung bean. So how do you make a complete and perfect dish with ground mung beans? Let’s explore the recipe below.

Ingredients for making Xoi vo Recipe:

Xoi-vo-Recipe–Vietnamese-sticky-rice-coated-with-mung-bean 1

  • 600gr sticky rice
  • 300gr peeled mung bean
  • Dry onion
  • Cooking oil
  • 1 pinch of salt

How to cook Xoi vo recipe:

 Step 1: Wash sticky rice, soak in water over night and drain, add 1 pinch of salt and mix well. Wash mung beans, soak in water for 4 hours to soften the beans and drain it.

Xoi-vo-Recipe–Vietnamese-sticky-rice-coated-with-mung-bean 2

Step 2: Put mung beans into a steamer compartment and steam it until it is soft.

Xoi-vo-Recipe–Vietnamese-sticky-rice-coated-with-mung-bean 3

Step 3: Put cooked mung beans into grinder and grind it well.

Xoi-vo-Recipe–Vietnamese-sticky-rice-coated-with-mung-bean 4

Step 4: Add ½ ground mung beans into soaked sticky rice, use your hands to mix well and put them into a pot, then steam until the rice is soft.

Xoi-vo-Recipe–Vietnamese-sticky-rice-coated-with-mung-bean 5

Step 5: Ladle the steamed sticky rice into a tray, then add the rest of mung beans, rub to separate sticky rice, which has a layer of mung beans outside.

Xoi-vo-Recipe–Vietnamese-sticky-rice-coated-with-mung-bean 6

Step 6: Slice and expose dry onions to the sun for 1 hour, then fry and ladle it on the plate with oil absorbing cooking paper, you can make the large amount of dry onions and store in the bridge.

Xoi-vo-Recipe–Vietnamese-sticky-rice-coated-with-mung-bean 7

Step 7: Ladle sticky rice and spread fried dry onion, let’s enjoy it.

Xoi-vo-Recipe–Vietnamese-sticky-rice-coated-with-mung-bean 8

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