“Xeo” sticky rice is a familiar breakfast dish of Hanoi people. In Hanoi, this sticky rice is sold everywhere, every restaurant, crowded markets, schools and offices in every street … With only about 10,000 VND, you can enjoy a specific sticky rice dish of Hanoi.

Xoi-xeo-recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Xeo-sticky-rice 1

The specific name and taste certainly make many diners curious and want to discover. Even the Hanoi people cannot explain its name. It is simple to understand that delicious slices of beans make this dish more enjoyable. Each seller spread mung beans onto the sticky surface when customers buy it. Perhaps its name is originated from this.

The traditional dish was not served with dried shredded meat, pork ham or pork rolls. People used to eat with mung beans and fried onions. Today, this dish is changed and served with other food such as fried eggs, sausage…

To have this dish with traditional way, the ingredients must be well-prepared. Making a complete and perfect dish requires the secret recipe. Let’s explore the recipe below.

Ingredients for xoi xeo recipe:

Xoi-xeo-recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Xeo-sticky-rice 2

  • Glutinous rice: 300gr
  • Peeled mung beans: 100gr
  • Dried onions: 2-3 bulbs
  • Turmeric powder: 2 teaspoons
  • Sugar: 1 teaspoon
  • Salt: 1 teaspoon
  • Seasoning: 1 teaspoon
  • Chicken fat (or cooking oil): 1.5 tablespoons

How to cook:

Xoi-xeo-recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Xeo-sticky-rice 3

Step 1: soak sticky rice overnight to make it soft, then wash it again.

Xoi-xeo-recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Xeo-sticky-rice 4

Step 2: soak mung beans overnight, and wash again.

Xoi-xeo-recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Xeo-sticky-rice 5

Step 3: mix mung beans with ½ tsp of salt, then steam.

Xoi-xeo-recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Xeo-sticky-rice 6

Step 4: mix sticky rice with a spoon of sugar, ½ spoon of salt, a spoon of seasoning and 2 spoons of turmeric powder, then steam.

Xoi-xeo-recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Xeo-sticky-rice 7

Step 5: When mung beans are done, grind it, and shape into rounds.

Xoi-xeo-recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Xeo-sticky-rice 8

Step 6: peel and slice dried onions. Put them into a pot of cooking oil, use chopsticks to stir well until onions become golden, ladle it out ( when it cools down, its color will be richer).

Xoi-xeo-recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Xeo-sticky-rice 9

Step 7: when sticky rice is done, spread chicken cooking oil, use chopsticks to mix well, and steam for more 5-7 minutes.

Xoi-xeo-recipe–How-to-make-Vietnamese-Xeo-sticky-rice 10

Step 8: ladle the sticky rice into a bowl, use knife to slice mung beans into small pieces. Then spread fried onions and enjoy.

You can enjoy it with shredded chicken, pork roll or dried shredded meat, but only sticky rice is still enough.


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