Egg coffee is a drink of Hanoi people and became famous all over the world. If you have a chance to visit Ha Noi, do not forget to enjoy this kind of coffee, which is considered to be essence of Hanoi people from 1950s.


Making egg coffee is not too complicated, but it requires sophistication and skill. Maybe it is the reason why the number of shops which concoct successfully is just counted on the fingers. Let’s list egg coffee addresses that you must visit when you come to Hanoi.

1. Giang Cafe ( 39 Nguyen Huu Huan-109 Yen Phu)

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When it comes to egg coffee, Giang Café will probably be ranked first in addresses in Hanoi. This is where egg coffee was born with talented mixing hands of Mr Nguyen Van Giang. He used to be a bartender of Metropole hotel in the French colonial period(1930-1945). As known, famous egg coffee at Giang Café is a variation of Cappuccino at Metropole when he worked there.

Through more than 70 years ups and downs, egg coffee of Giang Café still preserves its first flavor. All thanks to the work of Mr Nguyen Chi Hoa, the owner of Giang Café, the youngest of 8 children of Mr Nguyen Van Giang.

Not few people have to go around Nguyen Huu Huan to find Giang Café. Even though it is at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan, the front of Giang Café is just about 1 meter large, visitors have to go deeper into a small alley about 10 meters to find Giang Café.

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Giang egg coffee cannot be mixed up with any other ones. It has the tasty flavor of coffee and the aromatic fat flavor of egg yolk, add the sweetness of cream. All of them makes cups of hot, aromatic coffee, attract every guest. Giang Café makes a huge contribution when make this type of drink become famous in Hanoi and all over the world.

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Besides the traditional egg coffee, egg cocoa is also found at Giang Café. It is made of creamed egg with cocoa powder above. Those who are sweet lovers will definitely love egg cocoa than egg coffee. A cup of coffee or egg cocoa at Giang coffee costs about 30 thousand Dong. Now there are 2 shops, Giang Café at 109 Yen Phu or at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan.

2. Dinh Café (13 Dinh Tien Hoang)

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Dinh coffee was born a long time after Giang coffee. However, it is also famous for egg coffee with tasty flavor. Moreover, it is located in the centre of the capital. Dinh coffee lies on the second floor of an ancient French mansion, the area is quite small and the space is antique.

The owner of Dinh café, Mrs. Bich, is the daughter of Mr Nguyen Van Giang. That is the reason why egg coffee here still preserves the unique flavor created by Mr. Gianng. Egg coffee at Dinh café is not put in a hot water bowl like at Giang café, it just has a tiny cup that you can put in your palm.

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There is also egg cocoa at Dinh café, which is a little sweeter than at Giang café, but egg here is really tasty, creamed softly and mixed with the sweetness of cocoa. In the summer morning, sitting at Dinh Café, listening to old Trinh songs, looking at busy changing street and enjoying a cup of egg coffee is an elegant pleasure of nostalgic people, who love old things. A cup of egg coffee at Dinh café costs from 17 to 20 thousand dong.

3. Café Pho Co ( 11 Hang Gai)

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Among 3 famous coffee shops in Hanoi, egg coffee at Café Pho Co at 11 Hang Gai was born latest. Visitors not only love hot tasty egg coffee here but also are impressed by the ancient, quite space of this shop.

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Egg coffee is always the first choice for foreign visitors when they visit the shop. The decoration of drinks is simple, creamed egg with coffee put in glass cup, but the flavor is the best one to impress visitors. Drinks at Café Pho Co costs from 30 to 60 thousand dong depending on each type.

4. Loading T (8 Chan Cam )

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Loading T is also a place that has tasty egg coffee in Hanoi. It used to appear with the familiar shops like Giang café or Dinh Café in a video introducing about egg coffee in Hanoi of CNN. This shop impresses by the nostalgic space of French mansion.

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Egg coffee here is loved by many foreign tourists, the eye-catching decoration as well as the aroma flavor. Especially, for people who love flavor of Old Quarter food but are attracted by the French architecture in Hanoi at 1930s, Loading T is the best choice. The price of drinks at Loading T is from 30 to 50 thousand Dong depending on each type.

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