Banh Tam Bi (Vietnamese vermicelli with pork and coconut cream ) is a special food in the Western region of Vietnam, is popular everywhere because of its delicious and appealing taste. Every visitor visiting the West of Vietnam can’t ignore this delightful and stunning dish.

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Hearing the name of Banh Tam Bi, many people seem to wonder: “What food is it?”. At first look at a bowl of Banh Tam Bi, many people think it is likely to be a different type of Banh Canh (Thick Noodle Soup) because of their similarity. However, it is called Banh Tam Bi cake because it is white like a silkworm, eaten with pork skin, so people in the West of Vietnam always call Banh Tam Bi. The most attractive point of this cake is its soft rice noodle, pork skin, served with fat coconut milk, sweet and sour sauce, it is wonderful.

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Banh Tam Bi is often eaten with herbs, lettuce, cucumbers, bean sprouts for a tasty flavor. With this dish, you can eat as a nosh after a tiring day or the main meal because it is very good for health.

If you love cooking, you can also cook Banh Tam Bi by yourself at home with the following simple recipe.

Preparing ingredients

– 400g rice flour, 100g tapioca flour.

– 200g grated coconut, fish sauce, sugar, green onion, salt, seasoning, lettuce, cucumber, herbs.

–  Making coconut milk: Grating coconut for cream. Pouring coconut milk into a small pot and cook with low heat; while cooked, coconut milk is allowed to a little boil. Next blending a little tapioca starch (or cornstarch) and mixing with coconut milk and seasoning with spices.

– Making the fish sauce: Mixing the fish sauce and fresh coconut water with a little sugar, boiling this mixture, tasting. Cooling, adding the crushed garlic and chili, squeezing a little lemon.

Simple steps making Banh Tam Bi

Step 1: Mixing plain flour with tapioca flour, adding 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 1/2 teaspoon of seasoning, pouring boiling water and kneading until the dough is soft, not sticky.

Banh-Tam-Bi-Recipe-Vietnamese-vermicelli-with-pork-and-coconut-cream 3

Step 2: Dividing the dough into small balls, flattening, cutting into bite-sized strands then rolling them.

Boiling the water, adding the dough strands until it cooked. Taking the dough strands and then washing with cold water, draining, mixing with a little cooking oil to make the cake not sticky.

Banh-Tam-Bi-Recipe-Vietnamese-vermicelli-with-pork-and-coconut-cream 4

Step 3: Buying canned pork skin. Washing lean pork, boiling, and slicing.

Banh-Tam-Bi-Recipe-Vietnamese-vermicelli-with-pork-and-coconut-cream 5

Step 4: Chopping vegetables, and putting it on a plate, putting Banh Tam Bi, pork skin and lean meat. When eating, sprinkling coconut milk, fish sauce, mixing well and enjoying.

Banh-Tam-Bi-Recipe-Vietnamese-vermicelli-with-pork-and-coconut-cream 6

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