Vietnamese Chicken congee (rice porridge) is a familiar dish for Vietnamese people. Not only does it have high nutritional content but also it is palatable for many people’s tastes and suitable for breakfast or dinner.

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The way to cook Vietnamese chicken congee (rice porridge) is quite simple, although it takes a long time everyone can do it. With ingredients such as chicken and rice porridge, you can cook with many different dishes such as Shredded chicken porridge or Chicken rice porridge with mung beans, mushrooms, pumpkin … Today, we will try to make Vietnamese chicken porridge with lotus seeds with the recipe right below.

Ingredients for making Chao ga recipe:

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  • 1 chicken thigh
  • 2 chicken breast bones
  • 1 bowl of rice
  • 1 handful of sticky rice
  • 1 small bowl of fresh lotus seeds
  • Green onion
  • Shallots
  • ½ onion
  • Fish sauce, salt, seasoning, MSG, pepper

The steps to cook Vietnamese chicken porridge with lotus seeds:

 Step 1:

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Washing the breast bone and chicken thigh, then blanching the chicken with the boiling water, taking them out and washing again.

Pouring clean water into the pot and adding chicken bones, chicken thighs, and 1/2 onion and turning on the cooker and boiling until the chicken thighs are cooked, taking it out to cool, continuing to stew for broth. The sticky rice and normal rice are rinsed and soaked in water to cook porridge faster.

Step 2:

Chao-ga-Recipe–Vietnamese-chicken-congee-rice-porridge 3

Slicing the shallots, drying the shallots to make them can be golden and crispy when frying. Washing and chopping green onion.

Step 3:

Chao-ga-Recipe–Vietnamese-chicken-congee-rice-porridge 4

Pouring a few tablespoons of cooking oil into a pan, boil the oil, adding the shallots, stirring gently and frying the shallots with low heat until the shallots turn golden and taking it out immediately, draining the shallots.

Step 4:

Chao-ga-Recipe–Vietnamese-chicken-congee-rice-porridge 5

After the chicken thighs have cooled, shred the chicken into small slices and put them on the plate.

Step 5:

Chao-ga-Recipe–Vietnamese-chicken-congee-rice-porridge 6

After stewing the broth, taking chicken bones and onion out. Draining the rice and then pouring it into the broth, stirring well and boiling with medium heat, stewing the rice until it is overcooked, then adding lotus seeds. After that, adding a little fish sauce, salt, seasoning, MSG. When the rice and lotus seeds are cooked, you can turn off the cooker.

Step 6: Scooping the chicken porridge with lotus seeds into a bowl then sprinkle the green onions and the shredded chicken on the bowl, sprinkle with a little black pepper and finally adding fried shallots. To enjoy the scrumptious flavor of Vietnamese chicken porridge, you should try it when it is still hot!

Chao-ga-Recipe–Vietnamese-chicken-congee-rice-porridge 7

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