Duck is such a familiar food for making many Vietnamese dishes. In hot days, you can make braised duck with dracontomelon (Vịt om sâu ) or duck cooked with bamboo shoots (Vịt nấu măng) to heat-relieve. But when the weather is cold, a bowl of hot Duck porridge is probably a great choice. Duck porridge not only is it delicious and easy to eat but it also contains many nutrients that are suitable for everyone. Steps making duck porridge is not difficult; however, you need to know some tips to keep the flavor of duck porridge and eliminate the strong smell of duck.

Chao-vit-recipe–Vietnamese-duck-congee-rice-porridge 1

Let’s discover the delicious Chao vit recipe that helps this dish without strong smell right now.

Ingredients for making Chao vit recipe.

Ratios for 3 people

  • 1 duck
  • 1 ginger
  • 3 bulb shallots
  • Fish sauce, seasoning, pepper
  • Scallions, sawtooth coriander
  • 1 bowl of rice

Simple steps for making Chao vit recipe

Step 1:

Chao-vit-recipe–Vietnamese-duck-congee-rice-porridge 2

Scrubing and washing the duck carefully.

Tips that can help you eliminate the strong smell of ducks: You take a handful of salt and rub all the duck. Then spread the mixture of ginger and wine, the duck will be both clean and odorless. In addition to the above method, you can rub lemon or salt and vinegar, and the strong smell will be eliminated.

Chao-vit-recipe–Vietnamese-duck-congee-rice-porridge 3

Chopping duck with large pieces, marinating the duck with ginger, minced shallots, pepper, seasoning and fish sauce for 6-10 minutes.

Step 2:

Chao-vit-recipe–Vietnamese-duck-congee-rice-porridge 4

Putting the pot of the duck on the cooker and stir-frying the duck until the surface of the duck is cooked, pouring the water, boiling and putting the lid on the pressure cooker for 20 minutes and turning the cooker off.

Chao-vit-recipe–Vietnamese-duck-congee-rice-porridge 5

Waiting for the steam disappears and the meat becomes tender, opening the pot and if it has less water, you can add more water and seasoning.

Step 3:

Chao-vit-recipe–Vietnamese-duck-congee-rice-porridge 7

Rinse rice and put it into the cooker. Taking the rice and putting it into the pot of the duck, stirring and boiling for 5 minutes. Waiting for the steam disappear and boiling it for 2-3 minutes until the rice becomes porridge and the meat is tender, you use a tablespoon to take out the bone, adding sliced sawtooth coriander

Step 4:

Scoop the duck porridge into a bowl, sprinkle with pepper and enjoying. You should eat this dish with herbs when the porridge is still hot.


Requirements for Vietnamese duck porridge:

  • You should eat this dish when it is hot. The porridge has the sweetness of the broth, the scent of rice, onion, pepper.
  • Porridge has a moderate dilution, not too thick or too thin.
  • Duck is cooked and tender, naturally sweet.
  • You can cook duck porridge with mung beans or taro.


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