When it comes to Vietnamese three-color dessert, many people immediately realize that this dish is a combination of 3 kinds of bean that create a tasty and eye-catching sweetened porridge, and the process of this kind of food is very simple.

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Although there are various recipes, it is not difficult to make a glass of three-color dessert with a traditional and popular flavor, time-consuming is the only problem because it wastes more time than other desserts. Let’s discover the three-color dessert’s following recipe.

Ingredients for making Che ba mau recipe:

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  • 100gr red beans
  • 100gr mung beans
  • 1 tsp of vanilla
  • 1 liter of pandan leaves extract
  •  150gr sugar
  • 80 gr agar-agar
  • 200ml water + 100gr sugar, boiled and take cool.
  • Coconut milk: 1 can (400ml)

Steps for making Che ba mau recipe:

  1. Cook the red beans

Che-ba-mau-recipe-Vietnamese-three-color-dessert 3

– Soak the red beans in water overnight. Then pour cold water into them several times to clean.

– Cook 1 liter of water and red beans until tender, then add sugar and cook on low heat until the beans are sweet inside. Continue cooking until no longer water and turn off the cooker.

  1. Cook the mung beans

Che-ba-mau-recipe-Vietnamese-three-color-dessert 4

– Soak and peel mung beans in water for 4-5 hours, then steam until tender.

– Cook mung beans, sugar, vanilla with a non-stick pan on low heat until mung beans turn into a smooth paste.

  1. Cook Agar-Agar Jelly

Che-ba-mau-recipe-Vietnamese-three-color-dessert 5

– Blend water, agar-agar and sugar, then cook on low heat until the mixture turns translucent.

– Pour the agar-agar mixture into a mold, when it gets cool, put the mold into the refrigerator until the mixture is jellied. Cut the jelly into cubes.

Che-ba-mau-recipe-Vietnamese-three-color-dessert 6

Decoration: Add shaved ice, red beans, mung beans paste, jelly then souse the coconut milk and syrup to a high glass, add shaved coconut and roasted peanuts.

Che-ba-mau-recipe-Vietnamese-three-color-dessert 7

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