“Banh In” is a traditional and affordable cake of Vietnam, which attaches to every childhood of Vietnamese. Even though the making of the cake is simple, its special unique flavor that can not be found in other desserts will surprise you.

“Banh In” is loved by both children and the elderly because of its light sweet taste, unlike many other cakes which is too much. There is a special feature of this cake is that there is no need to bake. You just need to prepare the necessary ingredients and you can make the dessert and eat it immediately.

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The cake filling can be either mung beans or sticky rice but there are some steps that you need to pay attention to make sticky rice more fragrant. You have to boil the rice with pandan leaf, sugar in a suitable proportion and adding sesame, peanuts, jam, dried banana and so on to make the filling tastier.

However, people prefer “Banh In” with green beans filling. When choosing mung beans, you should not choose old beans or unclear origins ones and choose fresh, shiny, round beans that have safe source. Thus, the cakes made from new mung beans taste the best.

Another special thing about “Banh In” with mung beans filling is that you can make cakes in many different shapes like square, rectangle, flower shape, other funny shape and so on , depending on the cake mold.

Here is the guide to help you make “Banh In” easier and faster, so let’s discover now.

Ingredients and tools needing to make “Banh In” with mung beans filling

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The filling:

  • 210 gr of shelled mung beanss
  • 210 gr of sugar

The crust:

  • 500 gr of ‘In’ flour
  • 400 – 500 gr of  sugar.
  • 160 ml of water.
  • 2 teaspoons of grapefruit flower extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.

Tools: Stove, pot, cake mold, bowl, spoon, …

Steps for making “Banh In”

Step 1: Cook sugar water:

– First, put sugar and water into a pot and boil it to dissolve the sugar and let it simmer for about 10 minutes, until the sugar becomes condensed then set it cool.

– Next, add lemon juice and grapefruit flower extract, stir the mixture

Step 2: Make cake filling:

Let mung beans soaked in water for about 4 – 5 hours to soften, then take them out and put them in a saucepan with to heat for a very long time.

Banh-In-recipe-How-to-make-Banh-In-with-dau-xanh-recipe 3

After all the mung beans have been cooked really well, grind them with blender until they become really smooth.

Banh-In-recipe-How-to-make-Banh-In-with-dau-xanh-recipe 4

Add the sugar in the mung beans and stir them well and place them on the stove again and keep stirring until the mixture becomes condensed

Banh-In-recipe-How-to-make-Banh-In-with-dau-xanh-recipe 5

Step 3: Make the crust:

Mix eventually ‘In’ flour and melted sugar water in a big bowl until they become a harmony combination.

Banh-In-recipe-How-to-make-Banh-In-with-dau-xanh-recipe 6

Step 4: Mold the cake:

Press the mixture of dough and sugar into 2/3 of the cake mold, remember to make a layer of mung beans paste and then fill the rest of the mold with a layer of cake dough.

Banh-In-recipe-How-to-make-Banh-In-with-dau-xanh-recipe 7

Use your hands to press the mixture in the mold and set it aside at least 30 minutes. After that, take the cake out of the mold and a “Banh In” with mung bean is ready to enjoy

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