(Bo la lot) Beef wrapped in betel leaf is not only a simple dish but also a very tempting food that appears in every menu of every Vietnamese restaurant. The dish has two ways of making: fry or grill but most people prefer grilled beef wrapped in betel leaf. Because grilling is more simple and still remains fully it origin flavor of beef after cooking.

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How to cook Grilled beef wrapped in betel leaf is not as difficult as you thought. You totally can make it at home if you keep in mind some points how to make beef soft, not dry and flavored. Let’s explore the recipe of grilled beef wrapped in betel leaf right below!

Preparing ingredients for bo la lot recipe :

Bo-la-lot-Recipe-How-to-make-beef-wrapped-in-betel-leaf 2

  • 250g of lean beef
  • 80g of pork fat
  • Packs of betel leaf
  • Garlic, pepper, soup powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar
  • Cooking oil, oyster, sesame oil.

Note: When selecting betel leaf, it is not advisable to choose old leaves because they will lose the natural aroma of the leaves in the dish.

Instruction for making bo la lot recipe:

 Step 1: Grind lean beef and pork fat together the more pureed the better. Notes: Beef and pork fat should be grind together at the same time because it will help the meat juicy and soft when grilling.

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Step 2: Cut away all stem of betel leaves, clean them with water and wait for dry so that the hot oil will not shoot out when frying. Pick large betel leaves to wrap the meat, small ones will be chopped into small pieces to mix with grinded beef. After that you chop garlic.

Bo-la-lot-Recipe-How-to-make-beef-wrapped-in-betel-leaf 4

Step 3: Put grinded meat to a bowl with other ingredients: soup powder, pepper, sugar, sesame oil, oyster oil, chopped garlic and betel leaves then mix them evenly. Marinate the meat in spices for 15 minutes.

Bo-la-lot-Recipe-How-to-make-beef-wrapped-in-betel-leaf 5

Step 4: Put the left side of betel leaf up and fold the two edges. Take a spoon of meat to leave it in the middle of the leaf then shape it. Finally wrap it up gently. Notes: When you wrap, remember to set the more greenness side outside to make it looks more delicious after grilling.

Bo-la-lot-Recipe-How-to-make-beef-wrapped-in-betel-leaf 6

Step 5: Continue step 4 until you run out of meat then begin to grill.

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Step 6: We use charcoal stove to grill and grease oil on the surface of wrapped beefs to help them not get burn and more delicious. When the betel leaves wrapped outside become sere then flip. The wrapped beef will be ready in about 15 minutes.

Bo-la-lot-Recipe-How-to-make-beef-wrapped-in-betel-leaf 8

Step 7: Make the dipping sauce

You can not fully enjoy the taste of grilled wrapped beef with betel leaf without the Mam Nem (Vietnamese fermented anchovy dipping sauce). First, you use 1/5 of a pineapple to chop into very small pieces. Pour about 100ml of Mam Nem to a bowl then add grinded pineapple, one to one and a half spoon of sugar, lemonade, grinded chili then mix them up to let sugar dissolve well. With that you have just finished the dipping sauce of this dish.

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So that the grilled wrapped beef with betel leaf have been done, you should try it right after when it’s still hot to keep it distinguished flavor of beef and betel leaf. This dish should be served with noodles,  raw vegetables, Banh Hoi, Vietnamese rice paper and dipping sauce.

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