Nem chua (Fermented pork roll) is a very popular dish with Vietnamese people, becoming a specialty of many regions in Vietnam like Hanoi, Khanh Hoa, Hue, Dong Thap, Quang Ninh … but the most famous one is still Nem chua in Thanh Hoa. Therefore, when visitors come to Thanh Hoa, they often choose nem chua as gifts for their families and relatives.

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Nem chua Thanh Hoa is famous for its distinctive and unforgettable food due to its sweet, crunchy and spicy taste. To make this special dish for everyone to enjoy, the people who make Nem Chua have to do complicated processes and be well-prepared from selecting the clean and delicious ingredients to the step of wrapping Nem Chua. These stages help you store and keep their taste and ensure food hygiene.

Today, besides traditional Nem Chua, Fried Nem Chua is the most popular dish and favored by many young people. The recipe and process of making Fried Nem Chua like making traditional Nem Chu, but it is fried golden evenly in cooking oil. Fried Nem Chua is currently a culinary specialty of Hanoi Street Food.

To enjoy nem chua, most people often buy ready dishes sold in the market because they think the way to make nem chua is complicated. However, with the simplest homemade Nem chua recipe below, you absolutely can make delicious nem chua for your family.

 Ingredients for Nem chua recipe:

  • 2.5 kg ground pork
  • 500g sliced pork skin
  • 60g salt
  • 120 g chopped garlic
  • Chili depending on your taste.

Note when choosing ingredients:

Choosing meat

Because nem chua is made from fresh pork, you should choose to buy in reliable stores, ensuring clean and fresh pork. Besides, when choosing meat to make Nem Chua, you should choose the fat-free butt meat. This meat part is not too dry, just a little chewy, suitable for making nem chua.


Because nem chua need fermenting to be cooked, the ingredients to make nem chua required is fresh chili, pepper and garlic. Their hotness would make the meat cooked.

Process for making Nem chua recipe

Step 1:

Knead the pork thoroughly for 10-15 minutes until the meat begins to become smooth and match together.

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Step 2:

Add half of the salt and knead for 5 minutes, then add the remaining salt and knead with the meat for 5 minutes.

Nem-chua-recipe-Vietnamese-Fermented-pork-roll 4

Step 3:

Add minced garlic to meat, mix well for 10 minutes.

Nem-chua-recipe-Vietnamese-Fermented-pork-roll 5

Next, add the pork skin and continue to knead for 10 minutes until all the ingredients have been mixed well and together.

Nem-chua-recipe-Vietnamese-Fermented-pork-roll 6

Step 4:

Wrap a plastic film on the cutting board before rolling Nem chua.

Put a piece of meat 500g on a cutting board, put chili in the middle of the meat in a row (you can add more depending on your taste).

Nem-chua-recipe-Vietnamese-Fermented-pork-roll 7

Press meat to cover chili, roll the meat into a long cylindrical shape and wrap it by cling firm like Nem shape. Tighten nylon at both ends and remove all air inside.

Nem-chua-recipe-Vietnamese-Fermented-pork-roll 8

Put nem chua in a tightly closed box and keep in a dark place for at least 3 days.

When Nem Chua is cooked, you can press it, and if it is firm without stretching, you can eat. Depending on your taste, you can keep it fermented longer or put in the refrigerator to store.

Nem-chua-recipe-Vietnamese-Fermented-pork-roll 9

You should eat nem chua within 1 week for the best flavor.

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