“Banh lot” or “Che banh lot” is a popular dish of Western Vietnamese. Banh lot has fibrous shape and often served with sweet soups. Banh lot is made from rice flour and tapioca flour, so it is chewy and has a sweet fragrance. People often confuse “banh lot” with “banh canh” However, Banh lot is much softer and more delicate than Banh canh. Like its name says all, people will squeeze flour through modes with holes when making the cake. Because the flour is quite flexible and wet, it will “slip” through the slots.


Banh lot has an eye-catching blue color, sweet aroma of pineapple leaves, a little creamy coconut milk and a chewy, crunchy taste. All are blended to create a typical dish of the Cuu Long river area. Banh lot has two traditional colors: natural white and green from pandan leaves. You can eat most traditional banh lot only with coconut milk, sugar juice. They are often sold on the sidewalk as street food. The way to make Banh lot with coconut milk is quite fast and straightforward. You can refer to the banh lot recipe right below!

Ingredients for banh lot recipe

  • 25 g mung bean powder
  • 50 g rice flour
  • One tsp of tapioca starch
  • 225 ml of water
  • Pineapple leaves
  • 300 ml of coconut milk
  • Salt, sugar
  • Ice cubes

Instructions for making banh lot recipe

Cook coconut milk with a little water on low heat. Add one tbsp of sugar, a little salt and stir well. Then, add the diluted tapioca starch to mix until the paste is thick., Turn off the heat.


Prepare sugar water: add 100 g sugar and 200 ml of water to cook until the sugar dissolved for about 7-10 minutes. Next, turn off the stove.

How to make pandan extract: Wash and cut pandan leaves into pieces. Put the pandan leaves, water in a blender and mill for about 7 minutes. The longer time you blend, the more bold and beautiful the pandan leaves become. Filter through strainer to get pandan extract.


Mix salt and the remaining sugar with mung bean powder and rice flour. Add pandan extract to stir well at medium temperature for a few minutes until the flour is cooked, getting consistency.


Put ice cubes in the pot, then put a basket or a mold on.


Add the flour in and blend to make it fall into the basket. Then, take the scoop to let the powder through the basket hole to fall into the water. Warm fiber contacting ices will be frozen.





So you have gorgeous fibers of Banh Lot. When squeezing the flour out, you let the cold water run through the cake. Then, pour it into the basket to drain. Next, take out, add coconut milk, sugar water and ice cubes to use. It is more delicious by adding tea or bean jelly to eat together.


The harmonious combination of mung beans, light fat taste of coconut milk, chewy pie is lovely, right? This is a delicious heat treat for the summer. Wish you be successful in making Banh Lot recipe!


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