Banh TrangTron” (Rice paper salad) is a famous snack of southern provinces in Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. In the recent years, this dish has appeared more and more in other regions of Vietnam. Not only that, many foreign tourists visiting Vietnam feel attracted by Banh Trang Trong from the first time enjoying. With the toughness of banh trang tron, a little sour of mango, a little buttery of peanut, and a little crispy of dried beef, it is genuinely a snack that you can eat without getting bored.


Wherever we go, we may encounter this dish, but Banh TrangTron is not always delicious and tasty in different locations. We can easily see that each place has various seasoning spices to make it. In more details, the main difference lays at the way to make the sauce and adjust the spice to fit their tastes. According to those who sell Banh TrangTron for a longtime, the essential step in preparing this street food is seasoning. This way can make this dish always attract diners. However, it depends on the taste of each customer and the seller should adjust accordingly.

Beside seasoning, the way of mixing rice paper also needs to have its own secret. There is a place making it too salty while others are serving the sweeten dish with the dried beef soup dissolved in the banh trang tron. So, how to make banh trang tron delicious and tasty? let’s explore how the special banh trang tron recipe right below!

Ingredients for banh trang tron recipe

– 10 pcs rice paper

– 1 green mango

– 10 quail eggs

– 3  kumquat fruits

– 40 g dried beef, dried squid (optional)

– 50 g spring onion

– 1 stems red shallot

– 50g laksa leaves

– 50g peanuts

– Cooking oil, satay, salt



Remember to  chose the tough rice paper so that it will not be broken while mixing

Process of making banh trang tron recipe

Step 1:

Peel mangos and shave into long strands, leaving separately in a bowl.


Step 2:

Use scissors to cut the rice paper into long, rectangular pieces. Note that it should not be cut too small or shortened. In such a case, it will be effortless to soak through water and crumble. Banh-trang-tron-recipe-How-to-make-rice-paper-salad-4

Step 3:

– Tear dried beef into fibers.

– Prepare the sauce: dissolve soy sauce, sugar and red vinegar in a bowl.


Step 4:

Next, put the green mango, dried beef, dried shrimp paste into a clean bowl.


Step 5:

Add rice paper and quail eggs.


Step 6:

Next, pour satay and prepared soup into that bowl. Mix them, seasoning according to your taste. Transfer the mixture to the plate for the immediate serving.


  The best Banh TrangTron should be served instantly after finishing mixing. At that time, the rice paper still retains the crispness and not crushed. If you do not want to eat them immediately, you should not mix the ingredients.

The successful banh trang tron recipe should be soaked in all the spices, having the sour taste of the mango, the spicy of satay, the sweetness of the rice paper, the dried beef and quail eggs.


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