Banana is a wild fruit, grown widely in Vietnam. It is both delicious and cheap, providing lots of minerals and vitamins that are very nutritious for our body. In addition to being used to eat fresh, Vietnamese people also change many ways to make bananas into simple dishes with various types as well as many different flavors. However, each of them has a special taste and is very delicious, such as banana sweet potato gruel, banana wrapped in grilled sticky rice, fried banana, and so on. Among the delicious dishes made from bananas, we should not miss out to mention the Steamed banana cake (Banh chuoi hap).

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It is a delicious and nutritious recipe with a very simple preparation way. Banana pieces are covered with a delicious, flexible powder. Being served with greasy coconut milk which has the white sesame flavor, it may makes people more passionate about tasting.

Vietnamese steamed banana cake recipe (Banh chuoi hap recipe) is really easy so you can make it by yourself at home. Now let’s explore how to make steam banana cake using steamer.

Ingredients for Vietnamese steam banana cake recipe:

  • Ripe Apple Bananas: 3 – 4 fruits or more if you intend to serve many people.
  • Tapioca flour: 120 gr
  • Coconut milk: 150ml
  • Roasted white sesame
  • Semolina flour: a small handful
  • Sugar:
  • Vanilla: 1 tube
  • Salt: 1 tbsp
  • Water: 150 ml
  • Round or square steamed mold
  • A steamer

Vietnamese-easy-teamed-banana-cake-recipe-How-to-make-banh-chuoi-hap 2

Steps to make steam banana cake recipe

Step 1. Preliminary processing

First, pour a sufficient amount of clean water into a bowl, then add 50 gr of semolina flour into the water to expand.

When waiting for soaking semolina flour, you should peel off the bananas. Next, cut them into slices with a thickness of about 0.3 – 0.5 mm. Please remember cutting the bananas evenly so that them will look more beautiful when making the cake.

Vietnamese-easy-teamed-banana-cake-recipe-How-to-make-banh-chuoi-hap 3

Cut bananas into circles with a thickness of about 0.3 – 0.5 mm

Step 2. Mix bananas with the starch

You put the tapioca starch, sugar, a little salt and water into a big bowl, stir well for the mixture to dissolve. Note that, the amount of water should be enough to form a slightly dough, neither too thick nor too thin. Please look at the picture below to follow exactly!

Once you have a mixture of blended starch, pour the sliced banana into a bowl and mix it all, stirring gently to not break the bananas.

Vietnamese-easy-teamed-banana-cake-recipe-How-to-make-banh-chuoi-hap 4

Put ripe bananas directly into the bowl with the mixture

Step 3. Steam the banana cake

Fill the steaming bowl with water and boil it for the preparation stage. While boiling the water, pour the banana mixture into the mold and spread it evenly. The thickness of the banana mixture should be about 3 – 4 cm. With that size, the banana cake will be nice and suitable for eating.

Vietnamese-easy-teamed-banana-cake-recipe-How-to-make-banh-chuoi-hap 5

Pour the banana mixture into the mold and spread it evenly

When the water boils, put the cake into the steamer, steam for about 20 minutes.

While steaming the cake, sometimes open the pot and dry the lid. This way, the water will not fall into the cake. To check if the banana cake is well done, use a toothpick or a stick slope on it. If the cake is not sticking while the starch is freeze and transparent, then take it out. Wait a moment for the cake to cool down before turning over the tray and putting it all in the plate.

Vietnamese-easy-teamed-banana-cake-recipe-How-to-make-banh-chuoi-hap 6

Place the tray in the middle of the steamer and steam the cake

Step 4. Make the coconut milk

While steaming the cake, we will prepare the coconut milk which is an indispensable part of making banh chuoi hap recipe

Pick up the semolina into the basket, drain it.

Pour all the coconut milk into the pot. Next, add one tablespoon of sugar and a little salt then stir well. You should cook them in the low heat until the coconut milk boils. Then, pour the semolina flour into the pot for further heating. Dissolve the tapioca starch in a little water. When the coconut milk boils again, slowly pour that starch into the pot. Remember to stir well to create the consistency. When the coconut milk has the moderate comparable level, stop then put spices before turning off the heat.

Vietnamese-easy-teamed-banana-cake-recipe-How-to-make-banh-chuoi-hap 7

While cooking, stir the coconut milk continuously to keep it from being clotted or burned.

Step 5. Completion and decorations

Use a cake cutter to cut into a moderate square pieces and put in one or many plates as you like. Next, sprinkle the coconut milk on the top and add white sesame to enjoy.

In addition, you can cut the cake into oblique pieces or those with other arbitrary shapes.

Vietnamese-easy-teamed-banana-cake-recipe-How-to-make-banh-chuoi-hap 8

Steamed banana cake after completion

Requirements of a successful steamed banana cake recipe

After completion, steamed banana cake must meet the following criteria to be considered successful:

  1. They have the light yellow, clear and flexible, so you can see each banana piece inside.
  2. The texture is soft but firm.
  3. When eating, the cake has the attractive flexibility, combined with sweet bananas, fatty coconut milk and roasted sesame seeds, bringing the enjoyment.


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