When it comes to a favorite nosh in Saigon, you can’t forget Banh cay (Crispy fried cassava fritter). With tasty flavor, Banh cay is one of the specialities which is chosen by many foreigners when discovering Vietnam cuisine, especially Japanese and Korean tourists.

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In the corners of Saigon streets, It’s very easy to encounter street vendors with one hand kneading the dough, the other string “Banh Cay” which are fried into boiling oil. The main ingredients of Banh Cay is the combination of cassava, rice flour and some spices: chili powder, salt, sugar…This cake is very suitable for people who love eating spicy food and make Vietnamese people remember their childhood.

When visiting Saigon, don’t forget to try one of the delightful street food as Banh Cay (Crispy fried cassava fritter)

 Ingredients for making banh cay recipe

  • Plain flour: 30g
  • Tapioca flour: 20g
  • Cassava: 500g
  • Chili powder/ dried chili
  • Salt: a teaspoon
  • Seasoning/MSG: a teaspoon
  • Turmeric powder + sugar + curry powder
  • Green onion + minced garlic
  • Cooking oil

Steps making Banh cay (Crispy fried cassava fritter)

Step 1: Preparing flour

Banh-cay-recipe–Vietnamese-Crispy-fried-cassava-fritter 2

Washing and peeling the cassava. Soaking the cassava into fresh water for 1 hour and drain out.

Grate and crush the cassava to get a pulpy mixture then squeeze to get rid of water and put it into a big bowl. Adding salt and seasoning into the cassava.

Step 2: Mixing flour with spices

Banh-cay-recipe–Vietnamese-Crispy-fried-cassava-fritter 3

Adding curry powder, tapioca flour, plain flour, minced garlic, chopped and seeded chili to make cassava dough get the rich flavor. Adding how much curry powder depends on the eater’s hobby. If the mixture is not enough juicy, you should add a little water to make the dough soft and sticky.

Adding green onion to make the scent.

Step 3: Shape the cake

Banh-cay-recipe–Vietnamese-Crispy-fried-cassava-fritter 4

Rolling the dough into a rectangle like in the picture

Step 4: Frying cake

Banh-cay-recipe–Vietnamese-Crispy-fried-cassava-fritter 5

Preparing a wok with boiling oil, then putting the cake into the wok and fry until each side turns to golden color.

Taking the cakes from wok to drain out the cooking oil and putting them into a dish and enjoying!  It’s delicious to enjoy when the cakes are hot and crispy, it’s great to enjoy in cold weather.

Banh-cay-recipe–Vietnamese-Crispy-fried-cassava-fritter 6

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